Well what can I say, firstly the final was washed out at Belconnen the previous Sunday so take two yesterday at Federal.  The day started out cloudy and damn cold, then there was as bit of drizzle.  then it got heavy and remained heavy for the rest of the round.  Both Queanbeyan and Murrumbidgee deserve medals for slogging it out under what can only be described as horrendous.   There was also a great gallery of watchers who were walking the course (in the rain) for the whole match!  Not sure this was sensible or just lacking good judgement.  However the tussle was extremely tight with three matches completed, one to Murrumbidgee, two to Queanbeyan.  So the remaining two matches  went down the 19th hole (first) and then the 20th (second) whereby Murrumbidgee secured a win making it two matches each.  So the remaining match went on to the 21st (third) hole with Murrumbidgee securing the win.  Murrumbidgee have never won Bruce Cup whilst on the other hand Queanbeyan has won it 35 times since its inception in 1928.  An amazing effort, so much so that the Captain of the Murrumbidgee team asked her players to stand and give a round of applause for the unparalleled depth and record that Queanbeyan has achieved over the years.   Great stuff ladies.

Queanbeyan Murrumbidgee
Queanbeyan Speech
Murrumbidgee speech CSGA Vice President Janine Gould presenting to Murrumbidgee Captain