The CSGA Canberra Shield was held at Belconnen last Thursday 22 June 2023.  CSGA wishes to thank the ladies Captain Margaret Hardy for assisting in making a successful event at the newly branded Burns Belconnen Golf Club.  It was a very chilly day which remained cloudy with no rain.

There were eleven teams this year totalling 88 players who participated in the spirit of the competition which is supportive and intended, where possible, to field team members who did not have a chance to play pennant this year.  It was fantastic to see some of the smaller clubs fielding full teams whereas, in the past they have had to combine with other clubs.  

The winner on the day was BRAIDWOOD with 13 points.  The results were as follows: Braidwood – 13, Gunghalin – 12, Belconnen – 11, Bowral – 10, RMC – 8, Fairbairn – 8, RCGC – 7, Federal – 6, Yowani – 6, MCC – 5, Queanbeyan – 2.
Great effort Ladies.