Financial Assistance


CSGA Policy

The CSGA maintains a separate account for the funding of junior girls golfing activities. The aims of this fund are to encourage mass participation of girls in golfing activities and to improve the skills of all junior golfers.

Funding may be provided to:

  1. Assist individual golfers meet expenses for approved activities.
  2. Provide golf clinics and activities for junior girls and pre-junior girls.


Individual Expenses

The CSGA will fund one third (1/3) of the expenses of individual girls who are members of CSGA clubs for approved activities. Expenses are limited to:

  1. Cost of entry to the camp/clinic/tournament.
  2. Cost of transport by bus/rail or a petrol allowance for private car to/from the venue.
  3. Cost of accommodation if not provided by the responsible organization. (Note that this element will only be paid in exceptional circumstances).
  4. Cost of uniform, if applicable.

Receipts must by provided to the JPO who must endorse the activity as approved before payment is made by the treasurer.

CSGA funding of one third of the expenses is based on a philosophy that the junior’s club (1/3) and her family (1/3) will provide the remaining two thirds. In cases of extreme hardship the CSGA may provide additional funding. This is subject to a recommendation by the junior’s club and approval by the CSGA Committee.

Jack Newton Junior Golf Foundation (JNJGF) Joining Fee The CSGA will pay one half of the first year fee to the JNJGF in an effort to encourage junior girls to join.


Local Clinics/Camps

The cost of a teaching professional may be met by the CSGA for both club and district level clinics. Clinics organised by clubs and funded by the CSGA must be open to all district juniors and prior approval is required by the JPO.

GNSW/JNJGF Camps Funding will be provided by the CSGA to these camps/clinics on the same basis as individual expenses.


Requests for Assistance

All requests must be on the form provided. Receipts must be attached. Return the form to the JPO who will endorse the form before payment is made by the Treasurer.