Presented by Mrs Bloomfield in 1930

Open Inter-Club Teams handicap event over 18 Holes

Teams of four players from one club.


2022  This trophy has been discontinued
2020/21 Cancelled 
2019 Not Played  
2018 Royal Canberra L Smyth, R Leason, L Dunn and J Blackburn
2017 Royal Canberra M Copping, V Miers, S Pham and D Manning
2016 Belconnen Magpies M Rumble, C Hawke, N McKinnon and M Hinds
2015 Queanbeyan
Joint Winners
Royal Canberra
P Jeffery, W Lynch, K Ebsworth and D Baker

L Smyth, N Hanson, B Jeffrey and M Bond

2014 Queanbeyan K Ebsworth, L Maiden, C Langi and S Weber
2013 Moss Vale M Henderson, M Butcher, S Fahey and L Hall
2012 Nowra J Brown, W Phillips, S Rigney and A Newton
2011 Yowani B Sillinis, L Gaudry, K Stephenson and J Osland
2010 Queanbeyan K Mynott, C De Costa, F Miller and J Tucker
2009 Queanbeyan S Stensrud, W Lynch, E robbins and K Mynott
2008 Federal T Wainwright, C Hill, L Petherbridge and E Lay
2007 Yowani L Gaudry, M Langford, B Harding and S Metcalfe
2006 Queanbeyan
Joint Winners
P Jeffery, J Nevin, L Huish and F Miller

K Ferguson, M A Wall, J Rickert and J Charnock

2005 Federal D Macauley, M Leslie, G Shannon and T Wainwright
2004  Capital  E Beech, C Craig, E Kennedy and D Bott
2003  Yowani U White, B James, M Hodgkinson and M Hartman
2002  Yass  V Krizaic, K Moebus, L Bucknell and M Darmody
2001  Royal Canberra L Binutti, M Bisa, S Bisa and F Bagley
2000  Yowani  M Harris, S Robinson, B James and C Higgs
1999   Queanbeyan M Boyton, M Robbie, J Osland and J Nevin 
1998  Federal D Stone, D Cannon, C Donnelly and C Rischbieth
1997  Highlands B Taylor,  J Rivers, D Terrey and J Beaumont
1996 Capital B Fane, C Craig, E Beech and E Kennedy
1995 Yowani T Rees, E Mylan, J Jessup and B Harding
1994 Bowral Country J  Woodey, R George, J Allen and N Devlin
1993 Fairbairn &
Joint Winners
Moss Vale
L Alves, I Moore, J Power and W Townley

B Buckingham-Jones, M Coffey, B Noble and G O’Keefe

1992 Yass B Garrety, S Williamson, J Broers and M Wood
1991 Crookwell J Beattie, J Gilbert,  A Hewitt and P Johns
1990 Moss Vale J Bell, G Charlesworth, C Spence and  E Wheeler
1989 Moss Vale Ms A White, Ms B Noble, Ms C Spence and Ms G Charlesworth
1988 Royal Canberra Ms M Bridges, Ms D Hurst, Ms M Copping and Ms M Flaherty
1987 Tournament Cancelled
1986 Queanbeyan Ms N Jurd, Ms M Lyuons, Ms H Hannah and Ms N Peel
1985 Mollymook Ms M Adams, Ms A Martin, Ms B Milstead and Ms J Ralph
1984 Queanbeyan Ms J McDonald, Ms L Young, Ms N McLean and Ms N Jurd
1983 Bowral Country Ms M Richards, Ms T Donoghuie, Ms R George and Ms J Woody
1982 Yowani Ms M Finley, Ms G McGale, Ms J Thomas and Ms R Gorman
1981 Yass Ms J Williams, Ms H Howard, Ms R Glover and Ms V Brooker
1980 Highlands Ms E Hawkins, Ms J Gilroy, Ms J Maguire and Ms P Christensen
1979 Yowani Ms P Preston, Ms P McLennan, Ms J Tobin and Ms H Chapman
1978 Yowan No.7 No information
1977 Moss Vale No.1 Ms M Geale, Ms A Peterson, Ms H Tickner and Ms B Parker
1976 Queanbeyan Ms Dann, Ms Goiser, Ms Fuller and Ms Haslam
1975 Yass Ms Henderson, Ms Hanson, Ms Puckett and Ms Gavely
1974 Tumut No.1 Ms D McInerney, Ms J Ryan, Ms M McInerney and Ms M Fuller
1973 Yass No.1 Ms Hanson, Ms Puckett6, Ms Garetty and Ms Williamson
1972 Yowani Ms Argent, Ms Armour, Ms White and Ms Robinson
1971 Bowral Country Ms Savell, Ms Hanson, Ms Talbot and Ms McClean
 1970  Moss Vale Ms Burke, Ms Desmet, Ms Tickner and Ms Wharton
1969 Tumut Ms Keenan, Ms McInerney, Ms Quilty and Ms Riley
1968 Moss Vale Ms Steindi, Ms Tickner, Ms Cramp and Ms Walker
1967 Crookwell Ms Beattie, Ms Ford, Ms Luff and Miss V Hills
1966 Moss Vale Ms Franklin, Ms Fleming, Ms Poll and Ms Cramp
1965 Crookwell Ms Ford, Ms Beattie, Ms Poll and Ms Gray
1964 Cronulla No information
1963 Yass Ms Clarke, Ms J Williams, Ms Rivers and Ms Bailey
1962 Bowral Country Mrs Foley, Hecksher, Savell and Lapthorne
1961 Moss Vale Ms P Fairbairn, Mrs Franklin, Mrs Hope and Mrs Waters
1960 Cronulla Mrs Gates,  Mrs Chapman,  Mrs Finn  and Miss Couldery
1959 Moss Vale Ms Franklin, Mrs Lumley, Mrs Sullivan and Mrs Buckley
1958 The Austalian Ms Caldwell, Mrs Copp, Ms Dence and Ms Devin
1957 Moss Vale 1956 Yass 1955 Goulburn 1954 Moss Vale
1953 Bankstown 1952 Goulburn 1951 Moss Vale 1950 Moss Vale
1949 Royal Canberra 1948 Goulburn 1947 Manly 1940  – 46 No Play
1939 Royal Sydney 1938 Royal Canberra 1937 Moss Vale 1936 Goulburn
1935 British Touring Team 1934 Moss Vale 1933 Goulburn 1932 Canberra
1931 Goulburn  1930  Canberra