SCRATCH 18 HOLES – Teams of four players from Affiliated Clubs

   This trophy has been discontinued
2020 Not Played
2019 Not Played
2018 Queanbeyan P Jeffery, W Lynch, C Thompson and P Sassella
2017 Queanbeyan W Lynch,. P Jeffery, D Baker and L Clark
2016 Queanbeyan W Lynch, P Sassella, F Miller and K Ebsworth
2015 Royal Canberra
2014 Queanbeyan
2013 Queanbeyan F Miller, P Jeffery, L Stensrud &C Langi
2012 Murrumbidgee H Langford, N Somlyay, J James & S Merritt
2011 Queanbeyan S Taylor, P Jeffery, W Lynch and L Stensrud
2010 Federal A Evans, M Neil, T Pryor and N Moon
2009 Queanbeyan P Jeffrey, L Stensrud, W Lynch and S Taylor
2008 Belconnen C Taylor, S Ceeney, C Amos and S Walsh
2007 Yowani C Gorham, K Scott, M Byrnes and S Willis
2006 Murrumbidgee S Phair, H Landford, N Somlyay and R Waller
2005 Federal E Smyth, D Macaulay, T Wainwright and B Cain
Belconnen C Amos, C Taylor, S Walsh and M White
2004 Highlands R Gardiner, J Haskins, W Thomson and J Bracken
2003 Federal E Smyth, M Bishop, R Fletcher and E Hurt
2002 Moss Vale P Kull, P Smith, K Dymond and R Beattie
2001 Moss Vale J Mackay, E Jeffery, C Irish, J Skamperle
2000 Moss Vale J Skamperle, E Jeffery, B Riley and K Dymond
1999 Royal Canberra L Donda, J Alexander, I Blood and E Bowditch
1998 Federal N Moon, J Annan, E Smyth and E Hurt
1997 Royal Canberra I Blood, P Greaves, A Hudson and R Quach
1996 Queanbeyan C De Costa, J McDonald, T Lambert and R Mathieson
1995 Queanbeyan C De Costa, P Jeffrey, J McDonald and T Lambert
1994 Royal Canberra P Greaves, H Hannah, R Gibbs and L Denley
1993 Moss Vale C Irish, H Buchanan, Y Hayes and M Geale
1992 Yass F Kelly, G Hewlett, T Payne and B Tottenham
1991 Goulburn S Weir, P Heath, P Morris and K White
1990 Moss Vale J Mackay, C Irish, J Downes and E Jeffrey
1989 Moss Vale Mesdames Riley, Downes Jeffrey and Mackay
1988 Yowani Mesdames Marshall, Rawlings, Cuthbertson and Williams
1987 Tournament Cancelled
1986 Queanbeyan Mesdames De Costa, Cusack, Nunn and Dickie
1985 Royal Canberra Mesdames Hoffman, Hudson, Alexander and Bowditch
1984 Yowani Mesdames Marshall, Young, Purdy and Reading
1983 Yowani Mesdames Marshall, Duffy, Purdy and Blood
1982 Yowani Mesdames Purdy, Blood, Reading and Hume
1981 Royal Canberra Mesdames Doherty, Rider, Bowditch and Trebilco
1980 Bowral Country Mesdames Hayes, Bareham, Richards and Hanson
1979 Queanbeyan Mesdames De Costa, Doust, Cusack and Abraham
1978 Goulburn Mesdames Oxley, Weir, Mann and Pritchard
1977 Goulburn Mesdames Oxley, Weir, Beattie and Crawford
1976 Queanbeyan Mesdames De Costa, Cusack, Bowditch and Abraham
1975 Yowani Mesdames Young, Tuckerman, Abraham and Turk
1974 Yowani Mesdames Wheatley, Duffy, Morphett and Tuckerman
1973 Royal Canberra Mesdames Pearson, Fry, O Smith and Hudson
1972 Royal Canberra Mesdames Windsor, Pearson, Daley and Hudson
1971 Royal Canberra Mesdames Olorenshaw, O Smith, Pearson and Windsor
1970 Royal Canberra Mesdames Hudson, Olorenshaw, Pearson and Windsor
1968 Moss Vale 1969 Royal Canberra 1970 Royal Canberra
1965 Royal Canberra 1966 Royal Canberra 1967 Royal Canberra
1962 Moss Vale 1963 Royal Canberra 1964 Royal Canberra
1959 Goulburn 1960 Royal Canberra 1961 Royal Canberra
1956 Yass 1957 Goulburn 1958 Goulburn
1953 Royal Canberra 1954 Moss Vale 1955 Royal Canberra
1950 Moss Vale 1951 Moss Vale 1952 Goulburn
1947 Moss Vale 1948 Royal Canberra 1949 Royal Canberra
1938 Royal Canberra 1939 Moss Vale 1940-46 No Play
1935 Moss Vale 1936 Moss Vale 1937 Moss Vale
1932 Canberra 1933 Goulburn 1934 Moss Vale
1929 Goulburn 1930 Canberra 1931 Goulburn