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CADDIES  – Responsibilities during CSGA Matchplay

TURN UP, KEEP UP and SHUT UP (Follow this old adage and you will probably have done an excellent job as a caddy.) A “caddie” is one who assists the player in accordance with the Rules, which may include carrying or handling the player’s clubs during play. A caddy may advise their player but should not enter into any discussion with their player’s opponent. A caddy may advise their player of the number of shots they think have been played, the state of the match and rulings, but should not offer this information to the opposition player. All such discussion should only be between the players. A caddy has no authority to concede a putt, hole or the match.  (Decision 2-4/3.5) In offering their player advice, a caddy should not delay play at all. Under CSGA Pennant Regulations, if a caddie is considered by Match Officials to be contributing to slow play, their role can be reduced to that of bag puller only, and they will be unable to give advice. A good caddy can assist the speed of play by allowing their player to move straight to the next shot while they repair divots, rake bunkers and carry clubs around the green towards the next tee. If agreed before the match, a caddie may be invited to attend the flagstick for both players to save time. For all caddies, a good knowledge of etiquette is essential and familiarity with the Rules of Golf or an ability to use the Rule Book  is very useful.

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