Junior Events

Following on from the CSGA Annual General Meeting, the presentations were made to the most improved Juniors over a set period.  There are two categories, one who lost the most strokes (Anita Devlin Trophy) and the other the one who lost the most percentage shots.  This is where a player gets to single figures and may only drop one or two shots but the degree of difficulty doing so at this level is harder.  Therefore a percentage of shots dropped is calculated.

The Presentation was done by Luke Grinham, the Junior Development Officer for the CSGA District.  The winner of most shots lost was Jean Whitby (for the second time) with a 12.2 shots off her handicap.  Jean won the Anita Devlin Trophy.

The medal for the most percentage off their handicap went to Jollie McLaughlin who lost 33.9% off her handicap.  

A great effort by both girls.

  Jean Whitby – Anita Devlin Trophy Jollie McLaughlin – Percentage Medal