Well what a day it was!  Snow on ‘them thare’ hills!  It was a freezing day after several days of heavy rain.  This made the course tough going and it proved to be a ‘slog’ for the majority of the players, if their extremities did not freeze first.  It was great to see so many familiar faces which have not crossed paths since roughly the end of February this year.   Now to the nitty gritty, the overall winners of the day were Carly Warn (GC) and Tiana Westbury (GC) with a impressive gross score of 82.

The nett overall winners were Melita Zielonko (BM) and Margaret Rumble (BM) with a fine nett score of 74.5.

The CSGA is most grateful and truly appreciates the players who entered and made the event a successful one albiet a ‘bloody cold’ one.  Many thanks!

Carly and Tiana

Gross Winners Results

Melita & Margaret                                      Nett Winners Results